Pop-Up Gallery

Program Spotlight | Posted on December 9, 2016

To create a pop-up gallery in East Palo Alto, EPACENTER students explored three questions through words, performance, and visual arts:

  • What does community mean to you?
  • How do you feel when you create a work of art?
  • What challenges does the world face and what can you do to help solve them?

In answering these questions, EPACENTER ARTS artists led students through the creative process – from concept to creation, and finally, to the transformation of a program space into a pop-up gallery. Over the course of three months, 19 youth evolved into practicing artists. Over 120 family and community members, artists, and youth attended the pop-up gallery opening. Check out some of the students amazing work below: 

“Hello Color Skies”
“There are many challenges in art – all the way down to making straight lines – but art also makes answers. Art means peace to me and it’s important for this world because it brings everyone together. I plan to make an impact by inspiring young kids to be artists.”  – Brandon Perez



“That Says It All”
“As an artist, I want to create images that pop, have a message, and catch people’s eye. In this piece, I wanted to make a statement without having to use words while also challenging the viewer to ask what it might be saying. I am passionate about art because it gives me a way to create my own world and express myself.” 
– Naomi Perez


“I Iike using the camera for art because you can express yourself by showing things that people might not see. I hope my art shows people to look at the world in a different way and motivates them to use their creativity. It’s not important to me to be called an artist. I just want other people to see that they can be creative.”   – Ricky Auimatagi