In addition to the growth of artistic awareness and skills, we support positive individual development outcomes including the “5 Cs”:

  • Confidence
  • Competence
  • Character development
  • Connectedness
  • Contribution


We aim to enrich the work of other youth-serving organizations by incorporating the arts into their existing programs. Through intentional partnerships, we can broaden our reach and impact.



Part of our core mission is “impacting community through the arts.” By creating strong arts programming, building audiences through events and performances, and engaging families, we aim to strengthen the social fabric of East Palo Alto and elevate our community’s artistic and multicultural assets.

“[The Center will] do a lot of things. My hope is that it will speak to the outside pressures that are pushing displacement. It will help identify EPA as a community that is good for the region because of artistry and culture. It will elevate EPA as a cultural and artistic hub which will excite and energize community members. These are things EPACENTER ARTS can shine a light on. We don’t want to lose this place.”

– Adult Community Leader