“Cold Summer”

Art Spotlight | Posted on April 26, 2019

Jennifer, age 15, talks about her four-piece work titled “Cold Summer.” 

Interviewer: What does the title “Cold Summer” mean?

Jennifer: The background (the blue) represents how lonely someone can be during their summer break, or how plain someone can feel. The contrasting colors make the blue pop out, making the person feel better. The contrasting colors are all types of events that occur in the summer, while feeling or being “blue”.

Interviewer: What does your art feel like?

Jennifer: It feels great. I like getting my hands dirty with some paint. I also like how I didn’t use a brush for the background, but instead, I used a sponge, which made it even more fun! It was fun picking colors and getting to just splash it all over the canvas.

Interviewer: What is a challenge that you overcame creating your new artwork?

Jennifer: I had a hard time coming up with my title. I didn’t really know what to name it. I also had a hard time picking and choosing my colors, I had to carefully pick colors that made the canvas pop out more.

Interviewer: Do you think your artwork can help to connect people?

Jennifer: Normally people would just see me as a young girl, but once they see my artwork, they will consider me as a young artist. If I do have an art opening some place –  automatically people will get together to see my art, even if they don’t normally see each other on a daily basis.