Our Model

Our work is rooted in the field of Creative Youth Development (CYD), a term that defines how the creative process directly contributes to youth development outcomes, such as increased sense of belonging, sense of efficacy, and self-esteem. A logic model also guides our work and assessment as our programs grow. We create quality arts experiences where youth can create, explore their identity, and connect to people and place.

“I Am”
  • Develop confidence
  • Develop self-knowledge and an informed cultural identity
  • Develop positive view of the future and sense of contribution
“I Create”
  • Build artistic skills
  • Engage in expression
  • Practice problem-solving and critical thinking
“We Connect”
  • Develop meaningful relationships
  • Deepen understanding of community strengths and challenges
  • Deepen understanding of social and economic justice and ways to contribute to positive change

Sources: Boston Youth Arts Evaluation Project (2011); Community Action Framework for Youth Development (Gambone, Connell, 2002); National Research Council and Institute of Medicine (2002); ChildTrends (2010); Taylor & Francis in Arts Education Policy Review (Taylor & Francis, 2016)