EPACENTER ARTS’ music program, offered free of charge, is influenced by “roots style music,” which is based on rhythms from Latin America and the Polynesian islands as well as American blues. Specifically, we practice and perform blues, jazz, hip-hop, funk, second-line, reggae, mariachi, and samba.

Youth are guided through three different experience levels, set at their own desired pace and intensity: exposure (building awareness around music principles), practice (increasing theoretical and practical competency in group and individual settings), and application and reflection (allowing youth to perform in a group setting where they can receive praise and constructive feedback).


Jazz Band

When: Monday from 5-6pm
Where: 763 Green Street
Who’s teaching: Charlie
Who can participate: Children and youth ages 10-18 who can commit to participate regularly. Beginner to intermediate skill level.
Program Description: Learn how to sight read jazz standards and original compositions, including some contemporary funk and hip hop charts, and learn how to improvise over core changes. All students who participate in this group will receive individual and/or small group lessons. Participants will also play together as a band and have a performance opportunity.
Class size/limit: Limited to 20.

Private Lessons

When: Monday-Saturday
Where: 321 Bell Street
Who’s teaching: Charlie, Troy
Who can participate: Children and youth ages 12-25 who can commit to participate regularly.
Program Description: Private and small group music lessons in drums, guitar, bass, piano, brass and woodwinds. Open enrollment.

“Music brings people together to be one and to find something together. Rather than finding your differences, you can find something that makes you feel like you’re part of the community.”

– Youth participant