Currently, EPACENTER ARTS provides free music lessons and ensemble instruction as well as visual arts workshops and dance instruction at its temporary site at 763 Green Street. We also offer off-site and summer programs that are co-developed with our partner organizations and guest artists.


Our experience-based programs apply best practices in youth development and arts education to amplify the artistic gifts of our youth and help them grow as creative thinkers and leaders. Skills that are acquired throughout the artistic process translate to greater outcomes for youth as they evolve into trailblazers in East Palo Alto and beyond. In practice, we believe that artists grow best in reflective learning environments with professional artists who serve not only as teachers but also as mentors. We also believe in the value of sharing art work and performances with real audiences.


We strive to build relationships across any and all existing organizations in East Palo Alto. In collaboration with EPACENTER ARTS staff, we invite you to utilize our space for your programs. We can also make our staff available to your organization, whether it’s in your space or ours. EPACENTER ARTS also looks forward to collaborating with local, regional, and national arts organizations and artists in order to further our scope of work and expand overall creative programming vision. If you are an arts organization or local community organization that wants to collaborate in any capacity, we invite you to reach out to our Program Director, Scape Martinez.