We are inspired by the belief that art transforms lives and shapes communities. Since 2010, East Palo Alto youth, families and social leaders have expressed a need for a quality arts and cultural space. We envision EPACENTER ARTS as that crucial location for arts and culture that every young person and community deserves.

Through EPACENTER ARTS, we aim to make the following impact:

    1. Strengthen positive youth development outcomes among East Palo Alto youth
    2. Ensure more equitable access to arts instruction and experience
    3. Highlight the creativity, contributions and expressive voices of youth of color
    4. Increase cultural vibrancy and connection among diverse EPA communities

“Rather than viewing youth as a consumer segment, EPACENTER ARTS has shown, and allowed, youth to be active contributors in society. That’s youth development at its best—engaging youth, having them participate, and helping them see that they have a vested interest in the work, and their community.”

– Scape Martinez, Artist, EPACENTER ARTS Visual Arts Program Manager