About Us

EPACENTER ARTS is inspired by the belief that art transforms lives and shapes communities. We are a Creative Youth Development (CYD) organization in East Palo Alto that uses art to bring families and cultures together. Focusing on ages 12-25, we offer a variety of programs including visual, digital, and performing arts that highlight the cultural heritages of our community’s Latino, African American, and Pacific Islander populations.

Our name (pronounced “eppa-center arts”) refers to the rich cultural energy of our home, the City of East Palo Alto (EPA). East Palo Alto’s power and potential is evident in our young people. At EPACENTER ARTS, we provide opportunities for youth to amplify their creative voices, resulting in a stronger and more vibrant city.

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Click here to read the John W. Gardner Center of Stanford’s case study that directly informed the planning and design of EPACENTER ARTS.


“Young people were leading interviews with community members that truly laid the foundation for this work. Youth got the ball rolling with EPACENTER ARTS. For them to have a safe place that they gravitate toward in their own community that they helped create will be transformative.”

– Jesse Norfleet, Artist, Youth and Community Engagement Manager at Midpeninsula Media Center, EPACENTER ARTS Advisory Board Member